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    School Readiness Program

    Our Group Readiness Program is a specialized small-group class to prepare our students with the necessary social skills, group instruction skills and language skills to transition into a general education classroom.

    Our Program Specializes in:

    ~ Social Skills

    ~ Play Skills

    ~ Building Friendships

    ~ Peer Interactions

    ~ Fine Motor Skills

    ~ Gross Motor Skills

    ~ Group Responding

    ~ Learning Through Distractions

    ~ Academics

    ~ Task Completion

    ~ Following Directions

    ~ Classroom Routine

    What our parents have to say

    “Such a wonderful program! My child grew so much this year!”

    “Behavioral Learning Solutions has been instrumental in helping my son in his behavior and education.”

    “The staff there truly go above and beyond and I can see they care so much about each and every child they work with.”

    My child is always happy to go play and learn.

    Our child enjoys therapy and has learned so much!